Convenience is nowadays an essential part of the modern and busy lifestyle. Following this trend, supermarkets and butchery shops focus more on providing convenience products to their fresh counters. However, apart from being convenient and quick, customers are searching for quality, variety of taste and creativity. We at company “JVN” Co. LTD always strive to offer something new and innovative so that you can always be onе step ahead of everyone else on the market. Together with our partner company “Hela Gewürzwerk Hermann Laue” we are able to offer you:

  • Natural marinating oil with no E-numbers, no glutamate, no allergens, no artificial coloring agents and aromas.
  • Development of sausages, traditional minced meat products, etc.
  • Development of deli products such as rolls, skewers, roulade, etc.
  • Dry marinades, décor spices, breading mixes, etc.
  • Ready sauces and spice ketchups for end customer
  • Seasoning for hot counter