Huckfeldt & Thorlichen GmbH and Co KG is an international family owned enterprise with more than a century of experience in the production of sausage casings. Since 1908 our company develops and produces high value sausage casings close to Hamburg, a port-city that its inhabitants lovingly call the “gate to the world”. Our HUKKI casings are among the top ranking in countries with long and rich traditions for meat-specialities like Germany, France, Italy and Spain. HUKKI is the partner for cost-efficient and premium quality in growth-intensive countries such as the United States.



The combination of textile and fine collagen provides strength and good elasticity. The permeability of the casing helps to reduce the drying time. The net casings give a unique shape to the slice and ensure an exclusive appearance of the product on the supermarket shelves. The usage of HUKKI casings enables manufacturers to provide a unique recognition to their products.

HUKKI Traditional plain casing has a matte surface and shows what is inside. There is no unnatural gloss, making the visual appearance stand out to the end customer. The collagen casing offers textile reinforcement with high stability and safe fermenting of your sausage. HUKKI works especially well for mold-ripened products. The filling process with HUKKI casings is easy and the casing is simply wonderful to peel.

HUKKI Net sausage casing in the harmonious diamond patterned netting gives the sausage delicacy a special touch. Mold ripened salamis or tasty dry sausage in the almost transparent HUKKI casing with netting will attract particular attention to your delicacy. We have various net colors on stock.

The culinary delight of a good sausage should be tempting as soon as you have laid your eyes on it. The HUKKI Hitch casing gives meat delicacies their distinct appearance. The artisanal netting is as much practical as an aesthetic attribute, which reveals the culinary legacy of the art of sausage-making.

The HUKKI Wickelkrause design, with its strong neckdowns, evokes special qualities of traditional, handmade manufacturing. It’s a real eye-cater and much more than “just another” net variation. You will not have to make compromises during handling. Our HUKKI Wickelkrause can be processed inexpressively and efficiently on the newest filling- and clipping machines.

We believe high quality sausage specialties demand a one-of-a-kind casing. Do you agree? HUKKI Honeycomb is an in-house development, which offers a slice of salami that is a feast for the eyes. HUKKI Honeycomb stands out from the masses with its unique look. Due to its naturally aesthetic form and the advantages it has in the maturing process, this variation of refined HUKKI casing is one of our favorites. The rip cord is excellently suited for sliced products and is remarkably effective.

The beauty of HUKKI Daisy Slice casings only really shows in the slice. HUKKI Daisy Slice is tailor-made for cold-cuts or as pizza topping, because this is where the form really gets to show its ideal marketability. HUKKI Daisy Slice is available custom-made for your products with an individually tuned design. We can offer the net in almost unlimited choice of colors, varieties and mesh-sizes. The handling of the filling and peeling is extremely easy.

HUKKI fibrous net provides you with the advantage of an easy peeling process and good calibre stability. With the HUKKI fibrous net you can count of easy handling and processing – manually or fully automated. HUKKI fibrous casing with netting is ideal for smoked processed cheese and other smoked-cheese variations.